One Minute Briefs and Juvenile Arthritis Research logos. We worked together to develop new images to raise awareness that children get arthritis.

One Minute Briefs: Final

We are delighted to announce the final four entries for the One Minute Briefs contest to raise awareness of juvenile idiopathic arthritis and to encourage people to #ThinkJIA.

All of the entries can be found here on the One Minute Briefs Facebook page (you don't need a Facebook account to see this album), and the shortlist can be found here.

It was incredibly tough choosing the winning image and runner-up images as the standard of entries was so high. We had a panel of judges involved which included children with JIA themselves, parents of children with JIA, members of our board of trustees as well as other parents, grandparents and individuals with no direct link to JIA.

It was interesting to see the different themes being picked into each of the judges shortlists with children with JIA tending to choose really positive images showing how they overcome their JIA and how it doesn't hold them back. Whilst other family members were drawn to poignant images showing some of the challenges that children and families with JIA face.

We always try to balance the mix of thought-provoking images we share to show some of the difficulties of living with JIA with positive images showing just how amazing children with JIA are and we feel that we received a really good mix of these themes amongst all of the submissions.

As cliché as it sounds to say that we wish that they could all be winners, we truly feel that each and every image we received met the brief well and almost all the images made it to at least one of our judging panel's individual shortlist. So we would want everyone involved to know just how incredibly hard it was narrowing it to an overall shortlist and then to a winner and runners-up selection.

A huge thank you to all those who entered and helped raise awareness that children get arthritis too.

Without further ado...

Overall winner

Our overall winner - based on the classic 'Think Small' advert, this raises awareness that children get arthritis.

Our overall winner was this brilliantly creative take on the classic VW "Think Small" advert. Not only was this concept absolute genius but the poignancy and accuracy of the accompanying copy brought tears to our eyes knowing this is the lived experience of many children and families affected by JIA. It showed visually that this message related to children and the text ticked all the boxes in terms of explaining the stigma and lack of understanding and awareness that exists for children with arthritis, how diagnosis can sometimes take a long time and the pain and challenges that children with JIA face.

Click here to view the image in more detail.

The text of the entry is below. You can see more of Jake's creative work on twitter at

Our little girl feels like a woman ten times her age.

She will never experience the same life as the rest of us.

Her friends at school don't understand how it feels.

She's fighting against her own body and feels isolated from the world.

Seven-year-olds shouldn't be fighting anything.

And after each day of agony, she goes to sleep ready to do it all again.

She wakes up and feels the same way as Grandad.

He got diagnosed with arthritis in just under five weeks.

She got diagnosed with arthritis in just under five years.

Most people don't realise you can get arthritis at any age.

Chidren deserve to live a life without chronic pain.

Help us raise awareness of juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Then children can be children again.

Runners up

Our judges found it really difficult to choose the winner and to get down to just three runners-up as there were so many incredible entries, but here are the final runners-up.

This entry was part of a series of three incredibly poignant images. The accompanying quote makes the image incredibly powerful as we realise that the person reminiscing about what they could do is still only a child.

You can see the other images in this series in the full Facebook album here, and more of Jason's creative work can be found on Twitter at

The image and text may be simple but give an extremely thought-provoking, message which very clearly and immediately shows that children can get arthritis.

This was part of a series of 3 which can be seen in the full Facebook album here.

You can see more of Shady Tree's creative work on Twitter at

This poster demonstrates a key message that we always try to convey in our #ThinkJIA awareness work; if a child is struggling to do something that they used to enjoy, then it could be JIA so it is important to get them checked by a doctor. This point is made both visually with the image and in the accompanying text.

Again, it is incredibly poignant and also shows very visually with the crayon that this message relates to children.

You can see more of Pippity doo dar's creative work on Twitter at