One Minute Briefs and Juvenile Arthritis Research logos. We worked together to develop new images to raise awareness that children get arthritis.

One Minute Briefs

This week we had the pleasure of teaming up with One Minute Briefs, to raise awareness of juvenile idiopathic arthritis and to encourage people to #ThinkJIA.

The brief was to design posters and images to raise awareness that children get arthritis too.

One Minute Briefs promote brands and causes via social media by challenging their creative community on Twitter to respond with instinctive ideas to daily advertising briefs. The name comes from the rule - you should only spend one minute coming up with your idea. This helps to generate a lot of new, fresh ideas that might otherwise not be used if you spend too long thinking about a topic.

Some of the incredibly talented designers and creatives (known as #ombles) who take part in One Minute Briefs helped create some amazing new images and ideas.

All of the entries can be found here on their Facebook page (you don't need a Facebook account to see this album). We now have the challenge of choosing the shortlist!

Throughout the day, every entry was shared to a wide network of people, generating millions in reach. We had feedback from individuals who entered saying they were not aware that children could get arthritis until they read our brief. So this week we know we've raised awareness of juvenile idiopathic arthritis to huge numbers of people. And we hope to continue to share some of the images, to help with future awareness-raising too.

We are very grateful to all those who took part, and to One Minute Briefs.