Juvenile Arthritis Research is a charity making a difference to the lives of those affected by juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). We are a parent-led charity with direct experience of JIA, and are run entirely by volunteers. JIA is an autoimmune condition where the body attacks the joints causing inflammation, pain and reduced mobility.

Our vision is a world where no child has to suffer from arthritis. Our core aims include research to find a cure for JIA, raising awareness that children and young people get arthritis and providing support to children with JIA and their families. We rely entirely on fundraising and donations, with every penny raised going directly towards the work we do.

Find out about juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
Request your free school toolkit here, helping to raise awareness and provide support.
Download our free JIA In Schools Factsheet, which is full of tips for supporting children and young people with JIA at school.
Visit our Parent Zone, for resources to support your child at school.

Watch the WORD Day 2023 webinar, which focused on supporting children and young peole with rheumatic diseases (like JIA) in education. Speakers include children and young people, parents, teachers and clinicians, who all share their experiences and ideas.