We have a number of resources available to support you and your school.

Supporting children with arthritis in school

Our comprehensive booklet, My JIA, is packed full of information about juvenile idiopathic arthritis. As well as explaining what JIA is and how it can affect children, there's a section about how schools can support children with JIA. You can download a copy of My JIA here.

We are also happy to provide information about JIA to schools as part of your training plans.

Raising awareness of childhood arthritis

Awareness that children can get arthritis is low. Low awareness can lead to delays in diagnosis. Delays in diagnosis can lead to worse outcomes for children with JIA. We want to change that, and your school can help. Our #ThinkJIA campaign resources highlight the main signs and symptoms of JIA - the things that parents, teachers and friends are usually the first to spot.

We can provide physical copies of the #ThinkJIA leaflets for each child in your school, as well as digital copies that can be included in newsletters or emails. We can provide text and images to include in your communications to families, too, to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Items for children

We have awareness-raising bookmarks, and stickers, that we can provide to schools for fundraising events.

To request any of our resources for schools, including the Powerpoint presentation and awareness-raising resources. please fill in this form.