WORD Day Webinars

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WORD DAY Webinar 1

 Supporting children and young people with rheumatic diseases in education

17 March 2023 | 18:00 GMT+0

WORD DAY Webinar 2

Tackling inequity in healthcare for children and young people with rheumatic diseases

18 March 2023 | 18:00 GMT+0

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WORD Day Hub

The biggest date in the calendar for raising awareness of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and other childhood rheumatic conditions is 18 March - WORD Day (World yOung Rheumatic Diseases day). 

Join us to help raise awareness that children get arthritis. The aim of WORD Day is to spread the word that young people get rheumatic diseases too, with the goal of encouraging early diagnosis of rheumatic diseases which can make a big difference to outcomes for children. This is a goal that we are passionate about at Juvenile Arthritis Research. We know the huge difference that increased awareness can make. Our #ThinkJIA campaign shares this goal so raising awareness is something we can all do all year round and not just on WORD Day. 

We have created loads of resources sharing important messages on this theme. You can help us by sharing these images and messages on social media. Below you'll find some step by step instructions.  

Step 1:

If you have access to a printer, print out one of our "I'm not too young for JIA" posters and share a picture of you/your child holding the poster. 

Tag us on our social channels (we can only see public profiles) or email your photo to us at kipo@jarproject.org and we'll try to share as many as we can on and around WORD Day. You can use any of the following hashtags to help raise awareness: 




Siblings can get involved too - just print the relevant poster for them. We've also included a blank template you can print and write your own message to help raise awareness that children get arthritis too.

By sending us a photo or tagging us in photos, you are giving permission for us to share them. Please make sure you have permission from anyone appearing in photos. 
Picture of a young girl wearing a WORD Day awareness-raising T-Shirt. Click to go to the WORD Day products page on the JAR Shop.

Step 2:

You can also visit the JAR Shop where you will find WORD Day T-shirts and tote bags, all made with ethically-produced 100% organic cotton, so you can stand out whilst raising awareness. Visit https://jarproject.teemill.com/collection/word-day/ now. WORD Day is all about raising awareness together, not funds for individual charities, so we receive the lowest possible commission on each sale of WORD Day products and all funds from the sale of these products go solely to awareness-raising activities.

Remember - if you are concerned that a child you know may have juvenile arthritis, you can find out more on our #ThinkJIA awareness-raising site at www.thinkjia.org. If your child has been diagnosed with JIA and you would like more information, please see our My JIA booklet.

WORD Day 2022 update

WORD Day 2022 was bigger and better than ever before. You can read our full review here. Each and every person who got involved has helped to make a difference - thank you.

Our social media reach for Juvenile Arthritis Research alone was more than 113,000. We took part in both WORD Day webinars, a Twitch livestream event, and reached over 100 schools and educational settings with awareness-raising resources.

Whilst WORD Day may only be one day a year, remember that the powerful impact we can all have in our communities can continue all year round. 

Thank you for all your support! 

WORD Day 2021 update

Wow! What an awesome #WORDDay2021 with so many people getting involved from around the world. Thank you to everyone who took part and who shared our images, any of the WORD Day images, watched the WORD Day webinars and shared their own JIA stories on their own social media channels. 

Our posts alone had a reach of over 83,000 which is incredible for raising awareness of JIA and other rheumatic diseases in children. The impact of EVERYONE taking part together is far greater than this with all of the WORD Day ambassadors and the WORD Day team busy throughout the whole day.  We've added our new posts below as shareable links too so they can be easily shared.  As well as links to the podcast and video that we were interviewed for, we also had the opportunity to speak to fellow WORD day ambassador Joel Nelson and featured his interview on our website sharing his powerful JIA story. 

One Minute Briefs

In July 2021 we had the pleasure of teaming up with One Minute Briefs, to raise awareness of juvenile idiopathic arthritis and to encourage people to #ThinkJIA

You can find out more about the collaboration here. Please note that many of the designs are 'concept pieces' and not necessarily finalised - but are great for raising awareness.

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Pain, not naughty


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