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COVID-19 European Patient Registry

The COVID-19 European Patient Registry has been developed to enable researchers to understand how COVID-19 coronavirus infection may affect different patient groups differently, and whether the medications used by people with rheumatic, autoimmune or autoinflammatory conditions may play a role in viral disease progression. The Registry is a partnership with ENCA and other organisations, and the study covers both children and adults. Results from the Registry are available on a dedicated webpage. This study currently remains open for new participants - sign up here.

Association between JIA and autism

Parents of children and young people with JIA completed a survey to help us investigate whether there is an association between JIA and autistic spectrum condition (ASC, also called autism). We found that children with JIA are more likely to be autistic, and children and young people with JIA are more likely to have a sibling with autism. This does not mean that someone with JIA will develop ASC nor that an autistic child will develop JIA. We also found that boys who have both conditions tend to be diagnosed with ASC before JIA; girls with both conditions tend to be diagnosed with JIA before ASC. Understanding the association may help speed-up diagnosis of JIA. Our findings were presented at EULAR 2020.

Age of onset of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)

We undertook a survey amongst parents of children with JIA. We found that the girls with oligo or poly JIA develop the condition earlier than boys. This may help with future diagnosis and with helping to understand how the condition first forms and develops. We prepared an infographic of the overall survey findings and presented our final report at EULAR 2019.

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