Welcome to Kipo's corner!

Kipo is a monkey who has JIA. He’s the star of our book called KIPO, which is perfect for explaining JIA to children. Kipo has been busy getting some things ready to help children with JIA, as well as some fun sheets to colour in.

These activity sheets can be handy to print-out and take with you to hospital appointments to keep you busy whilst you are waiting.

If you get creative, why not share it on social media and tag us so we can enjoy your colouring, too?

Download your copy of Kipo - a book for children about a monkey with juvenile idiopathic arthritis to help explain the condition to them.
Download a copy of our information booklet - My JIA. You can order printed copies from www.jarproject.org/myjia
Make your own origami paper Kipo.

If there are problems printing the above version, you can find a PDF version here.

Download a printable pain scale from the Kipo book.
Download and print out Kipo to colour in.
Download and print out a copy of the waiting room to colour in.
Download a fun Kipo wordsearch!
Download a printable sheet to record who your healthcare team are, based on Kipo's fighting force from his book.
Buy a Kipo T-shirt from our online clothing store.
Buy a Kipo hoodie from our online clothing store.
Download, print and create your  I have JIA  cards
Print-at-home Kipo's Hero certificate