A Little Box Of Hope logo. This is white text on a purple background, with a yellow star in place of the O in hope.

Being told your child has a long-term health condition can be daunting, and can leave you feeling isolated and alone. But you - and your child - are not alone.

Having been through it ourselves as parents of children with juvenile arthritis, we are right here with you on your journey. We would love to send you A Little Box Of Hope support pack, free of charge, which is full of information to help you.

The idea behind A Little Box Of Hope came from 7 year old Abbie, who has juvenile arthritis, and her mum Sam.

If your child is aged under 10 we will send them A Little Box Of Hope; if they are aged 10 and over, we will send them a Teen Pack. Just fill in the form below, and we will get your Little Box Of Hope out to you (UK addresses only, one support pack per family with a child diagnosed with JIA, subject to availability).

To protect the funds of the charity and ensure they are used to support families affected by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (alongside our other core activities), Juvenile Arthritis Research reserves the right to request additional information or evidence when you request a support pack from us. Sadly this has become necessary due to a minority of individuals who have abused the goodwill of the charity and fraudulently requested support resources they do not require and are not eligible for, which reduces the support we are able to offer those families who need it. Please rest assured that if you need support from us, you will receive it.