A Little Box Of Hope

Being told that your child has a long-term health condition can be scary or daunting, and can leave you feeling isolated and alone. We have developed A Little Box Of Hope to show that children with juvenile arthritis, and their families, are not alone. Each Little Box Of Hope is packed with information, support and practical items that may be of help – all to help parents and their children through the first daunting weeks and months following a diagnosis, and to reassure them that they are not alone.

The idea behind A Little Box Of Hope came from 7 year old Abbie, who has juvenile arthritis, and her mum Sam. They wanted to give hope to other families dealing with a diagnosis of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). When Abbie herself was diagnosed when she was just 1 year old, Sam felt very alone and really didn't know where to turn for help or information. Sam wanted to change this, and in the years since Abbie’s diagnosis has been thinking of ways to help newly diagnosed families. Abbie is now 7 and wanted to be part of making a positive change. Together they developed the idea of A Little Box Of Hope and joined Juvenile Arthritis Research (JAR) to make these boxes a reality.

Sam says, “We want to let families know that they are not alone with a diagnosis of JIA, and that there is support to be found from groups, charities and other families. Families will always have somewhere to turn and someone to talk to about JIA whenever they need. A diagnosis of JIA is not the end of everything – there is life with JIA and hope for the future.”

We have started our initial pilot of A Little Box Of Hope, and with the right support we want to ensure every family with a new diagnosis of JIA is able to receive one free of charge. Each box costs around £10 to prepare, fill and post so this is only possible with the generous help of our supporters. If you would like to sponsor a box for a new family and help them know they are not alone with JIA, please click here.

You may also wish to visit our shop where you can find JIA-themed clothing and other products. You can find out more about Juvenile Arthritis Research here.

For £10 you can sponsor A Little Box Of Hope for a new family, and help them know they are not alone with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Our booklet, My JIA, is a comprehensive guide to living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). It is aimed at anyone who has been diagnosed with JIA, as well as their parents, carers and schools and is packed full of information that will help you on your own journey with JIA. Copies are included in A Little Box Of Hope, or you can get your copy here.