Juvenile Arthritis Research in the press

“Local charity makes use of disused building to raise awareness of childhood arthritis.”

We’ve been featured in the media again, this time in a local publication reaching 7,000 households in the area surrounding our HQ.

A few months ago, we were given temporary use of a building and straight away we set to work to maximise the impact we could have in raising awareness that children and young people can get arthritis with large window signage displaying core awareness-raising messages.

Government statistics showed that 20,000 vehicles pass by that building each DAY so we are fortunate to have been given use of a building in a prime location for raising awareness.

As a very tiny charity, we don’t have the budget for advertising campaigns or to put up billboards, so instead we look for and take every opportunity to raise awareness in cost-effective and impactful ways.

If you know of any opportunities in your local area – perhaps local newspapers or magazine publications or community noticeboards – please think about whether they could be used as an opportunity to raise awareness of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis to help others understand that children can get arthritis too. We can help you put together an article or send you posters to put up. You just need to find the opportunities local to you.

Other recent press coverage

We were recently also featured on Kent Online. The article featured the bright awareness-raising imagery we have been using to raise awareness locally in Kent. 

You can read the full article at https://bit.ly/KMJAR

Logan is one of the amazing children with JIA who has featured on the new window images. Here he is visiting the building to spot himself on the windows!

We're very grateful to the children, young people and families involved in this project. Logan and Maisie visited the building to see the new window imagery.

Behind the scenes: A little behind the scenes peek at the photoshoot. Thank you to all the families who came along at very short notice to help make such a massive difference in raising awareness of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.