Connect Immune Research

We are excited and delighted to be part of the Connect Immune Research partnership. 

Alongside our core values of being boundless in our pursuit of a cure for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, developing deep and broad expertise in the field of JIA and other related conditions, and acting to the highest standards in being ethical in all we do, our 4th value is being collaborative and working with others who share our passion and determination for making a real difference. 

We believe that being a member of the Connect Immune Research initiative and working together across different autoimmune conditions will help us in our pursuit of a cure for JIA. 

Time and time again, we have witnessed projects that could hold real clues that would bring us closer to a cure being rejected from funding applications in favour of simpler projects being accepted. We want to see those brave, bold projects receive future funding. The research projects that are courageous enough to look at some of the 'big' questions in relation to JIA... the questions that have remained unanswered because no-one has been looking for those answers. 

We are excited for the future breakthroughs that this partnership holds. 

You can read more about the initiative here