Christmas Poems

We recently enjoyed a very special festive poetry workshop with children's poet Kit Weston as part of our 'thank you event' for our volunteers, top fundraisers and donors this year. 

Kit led us through a fun idea for writing poetry showing us that we all had it in us to be poets. Together we came up with a poem by thinking of the sights, sounds, smells, sights tastes and touch of Christmas, before turning our thoughts to all the different lights and light sources we see at Christmas time. 

Children and adults of all ages had a go at writing their own poems and we have shared some of them here. What fantastic poetry! 

Kit has shared some top tips for writing poems and you can find a downloadable copy of her tips here

Thank you to everyone who took part in the workshop and to all our volunteers, supporters, fundraisers and donors who have been such an important part of Juvenile Arthritis Research during our special 5th birthday year. And of course a big thank you to Kit Weston for showing us that we can all bring a sprinkle of Christmas magic and joy with our poems. 

Season of Lights  Lights from the tree throw golden halos; Logs in the grate crackle and hiss Candles flames dance tall and true - But nothing beams brighter, than excited eyes on Christmas eve, When children, breathless- wait …
Children and adults together Rejoicing in happy glee. Scrunching wrapping paper Roasting turkey Christmas trees Tinsel Families laughing and spending  time with each other.
Hanging there limp, in an attitude mocking Over the mantel its presence can be felt. Nothing so sad as my old empty stocking, just waiting to see what hand fate may have dealt. Behaviour’s been good - at least not too shocking, So, Santa’s great all-knowing heart may just melt?  Saint Nick please forgive me my failings and faults  Don’t believe all they say in my school reports!
A Christmas poem by Myles and drawings by Myles
A Christmas Poem By Sam Yore  A silver moon hung above the clouds A white blanket of snow lay on the ground As the joys of Christmas erupted A town below like toys Covered in snow And even more joy Parents rush to buy new presents Yet the jolly old man still leaves gifts under the tree As children wait upon the more happiness they will see
Golden candles flickering in the window. Green and red trees danced with glee in the living room.  Fires crackled and crunched as the wind blew down the chimney.  Milky moon creating an illuminated path in the snowy woods. By Abbie
The Magic of Christmas  Silver light of the streetlamp pouring onto the pavement Golden oven light flickering as the turkey roasts, Bronze light of the fire dancing underneath the chimney, And this is the magic of Christmas. By Trinity
Rainbow lights blink on and off from the tree   Golden flames reflect on the wrapped presents waiting for me   Red light of Rudolph’s nose lights the way for the sleigh   Yellow beams of sunrise start a much-anticipated Christmas day.  By Ruth
Golden Lights radiate from houses  White stars glimmer dimly in the sky  Colourful adverts shine eagerly, selling you presents  True light of Christmas is shining excitedly  as it warms your very soul.  By Iris
A poem called Lights of Christmas by Evie and Lynne