London Marathon 2020

The countdown has begun to the London Marathon 2020!

We are thrilled to have two runners this year - Nicola and Claire. Despite the disappointment that came with the cancellation of the original London marathon date back in April, it just shows how sometimes good things can come out of bad situations. Having two runners now taking part virtually will mean that even more people will get to hear about juvenile arthritis and how it affects children and young people.

It's something that a lot of children with JIA can relate to too - plans being changed as a result of their JIA flaring and learning to be resilient and making the best of a difficult situation.

We'll be cheering Claire and Nicola on virtually on the big day. You can support them using the links below, and follow their progress on the app or the London Marathon website.

To support Nicola, click here.

To support Claire, click here.

The 40th London Marathon is being held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with each runner taking part in their own run in their own community. Everyone taking part will run on Sunday 4 October 2020, and they will all have official runner numbers on so you can recognise them. If you see any marathon runners on the day, please do cheer them on - without the thousands of supporters London normally brings to the event, it will be a harder run for most. And if you see Nicola or Claire wearing their Juvenile Arthritis Research running t-shirts, please give them all the support and encouragement you can. You can find links to follow all the action on the London Marathon website.