Support JAR in the 2.6 challenge

The 2.6 challenge has been created by the organisers of the UK's biggest mass-participation sporting events. In recognition of the fact that many fundraising and sporting events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, this new campaign aims to raise vital funds for UK charities.

Why 2.6?

The London Marathon which would have taken place on 26th April 2020 is 26 miles long. So coming up with ANY challenge, sporting or otherwise, around the numbers 2 and 6 is a fun way that EVERYONE can get involved. Whether that is 26 laps of your garden, a 2.6 minute plank, 26 minutes of sponsored silence, or 2 hour and 6 minute quiz with friends over video call, the only limit is your imagination!

As you may recall, the London Marathon was going to be THE biggest fundraising event in the JAR project calendar in 2020. Our runner, Nicola remains committed to running for JAR in the future. But in the meantime, our work needs to continue and the 2.6 challenge really is a fun way to support us to enable us to continue our research into finding a cure for juvenile arthritis, raise awareness that children get arthritis and provide support to families at the point of diagnosis and beyond.

How can I get involved?

  1. Decide what your 2.6 challenge activity is going to be? You can find plenty of ideas on the #TwoPointSixChallenge website here or make up your own!
  2. Have fun doing your challenge - you can let your friends know (virtually of course!) to get them involved too, or they can sponsor you.
  3. Make a donation at

If you aren't able to take part in a challenge, you can simply head to the donation page and make a donation instead. These links will take you directly to our donation page but we can also be found via the Virgin Money Giving page by searching for our parent charity name Jabez Charitable Trust. All funds raised though this page will go to support Juvenile Arthritis Research.

How will my donation be used?

We feel it is really important for our supporters to know how their donations are used. You can find out on our fact sheet here.

Here at JAR Project, we have wonderful volunteers who give their time generously so ALL the funds that are raised go towards these vital projects as we don't have staff costs to cover.

Share with us!

So whether you bake 26 cakes, read 26 books in the coming weeks (or perhaps 2.6 books if they are long ones) or do 260 star jumps or anything else you can think of...

Please do tag us in your photos on Social Media using our social media handles:

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You can use the #TwoPointSixChallenge hashtag too!