University of Bath

I recently had the privilege of returning to the University of Bath, almost 20 years after graduating, to meet with a range of researchers to discuss juvenile arthritis.

Pictured is Prof Laurence Hurst, Professor of Evolutionary Genetics and Director of the Milner Centre for Evolution, who was one of my lecturers as part of my course in Applied Biology. We had a really valuable discussion on the genetic and evolutionary origins of chronic and life-limiting conditions that have a childhood onset.

I also met with other researchers, from different disciplines and backgrounds, to discuss specific research themes. Despite the majority of the students having left the campus following the end of term, the research and academic community continue to work incredibly hard to bring forward research projects, discuss and develop new ideas, and to prepare for the next stages in their work.

Thank you to all those I met - your input and support has been invaluable, and your insight and thoughts very welcome.