Trinity recently turned six years old. She was diagnosed with JIA when she was two. Since then, she has had methotrexate injections every week, physiotherapy five times per week, weekly hydrotherapy, blood tests every 2-6 weeks, appointments with various consultants most months, numerous MRI scans, X-rays and ultrasounds, and additional medication to support her weakened immune system and to counteract the effects of her treatment. Yet despite all of this, she remains one of the happiest and joyful children I know. She smiles despite the pain. She laughs despite her weakness. She dances despite the inflammation.

At a recent visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital, we visited the beautiful chapel. There we found the prayer tree, and Trinity wrote this prayer: "Please help me get beta" [better].

She is the motivation behind Juvenile Arthritis Research - to find a cure for juvenile idiopathic arthritis so that she, and the many thousands of children in the UK with the condition no longer have to suffer. So they can get better. So they can smile without the pain, laugh without the weakness and dance without inflammation. We're fighting for you and standing with you, Trinity, for you and for the many other JIA Warriors out there.