The European Patient Registry

Our study is currently not recruiting new participants

The COVID-19 European Patient Registry is currently not recruiting new participants. Thank you to everyone who has joined the study and has been taking part each week.

For information about the study, click here.

Results so far

You can find our published results to date here. We will be updating the results page as more information is published.

This European Patient Registry is partnering with the Global Rheumatology Alliance. It has been developed by patient organisations across Europe, including Juvenile Arthritis Research, ENCA, and PReS, in liaison with PRINTO and the BSR, and working with colleagues from a range of hospitals and research centres. Our questions are similar to those used in other countries, but have been adapted for European patients (using the most appropriate names for medications and conditions, for example). Some patients may also be taking part in similar studies, as they will all be looking at slightly different things and all build on the body of research knowledge helping doctors and researchers to understand COVID-19.