Research goals

The research goals for Juvenile Arthritis Research - to find a cure for JIA
The ultimate aim is to find a cure for JIA. Due to the overlapping nature of autoimmune disorders, it is likely that any cure for JIA will also have positive benefits for other related diseases. In targeting a final cure, a large and growing number of interim questions are being documented; many will hold clues to help find the cure.

The primary research method is by reviewing existing literature and liaising with health and research professionals. This includes looking at evidence from within the JIA research arena and, crucially, at evidence from other research fields and disciplines. When detailed research in any area is undertaken, the investigators quite rightly focus intently on their research question; however, there are significant overlaps and interrelations between disciplines, just as there are between systems in the body, and some of this information is missed by the traditional approach. Information from one research field may have benefits and implications in others. Drugs that are shown to work in particular ways for one disease may have an effect in other unrelated diseases that share similar biomolecular pathways. Our research is aimed at pulling information together from these broad areas to help formulate a cure for JIA.
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